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Testimonials and Patient Experience

"Dr. Shawn Simian is the only person I trust with my back. I've been seeing him for the past four years. He has great customer care and is very tentative. The facility looks great, very clean and new, and the staff is super helpful. I also love that they confirm my appointments the day before. Also there is plenty of parking.

I can't say enough great things about Dr. Shawn Simian. He is extremely thorough in his exams and explains everything throughout the treatment process. I am not just treated like a number when I come to the facility, but he treats my individual needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Shawn for anyone looking for great quality care."

"Dr. Shawn Simian takes the time to get to know you and your medical history. Right when I walked in I felt very comfortable and was greeted right away. I only waited a few moments (which is rare in the medical world) and was taken back to the exam room. We discuss what was going on and he explained everything in terms I could understand. I left having a greater understanding of what exactly was happening with my back.

We did a treatment which included e-stem, ultrasound, massage, stretching and adjustment. I've never been to a place that incorporates so many different techniques. I left feeling great and best of all my insurance covered the visit.

At the end Dr. Shawn went over my full insurance benefit. I did not know it was so complicated but I for sure learned a lot. I cannot say enough about my experience here. From beginning to end the care that I received was amazing. I learned a lot about my condition and I will for sure be back to complete my treatment plan. Thank you Allied Pain and Wellness"

"I've known Dr. Simian as a Chiropractor for years. He is very thorough and considered me as an individual, not a number during my assesment. I highly recommend him."

"Dr. Simian is wonderful and I left feeling wonderful. I am new to chiropractic care and Dr. Simian made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. He really takes the time to listen to your concerns and body pains and adjusts accordingly. You also leave with knowledge of stretching and exercises to work on at home. Very pleased with my visits here."

"Dr. Simian is very thorough, knowledgeable and always has a positive attitude! He really takes his time to listen and customize the treatment to the patient! I have seen many Chiropractors before and nobody took nearly as much time as he did to address my issue. I love that he warms up the muscles before he "cracks" the spine, so it hurts much less before and after. And it feels good, too! I would definitely recommend him if you're looking for a holistic approach instead of a quick fix!"

"After being in a car accident I couldn't move my neck which is not a good thing as I am a truck driver. After just 6 week of treatment I've come a long way. They explain to you what there doing and give you great advice. They have a wonderfully staff and will work around you schedule. I would highly recommend Dr.Rex"

" of the best chiropractors I have ever been to. I have been going to chiropractors for over 11 years now so I know the process and what to expect. Dr. Simian was so comfortable not only with the adjustment but also meeting with him. He provided a lot of useful education about the areas that I usually always need adjusting. He also offered great recommendations for easy, everyday stretches to help hold my adjustments. His office is very clean and accommodating to my schedule. Great doctor and will definitely be going back."

"Look no further than Dr. Simian + Allied Pain and Wellness for your chiropractic care. I was experiencing a sharp pain in my neck and immediately made an appointment with Dr. Simian. He took the time to thoroughly examine and assess my issue, and came up with a custom care plan -- unlike other chiropractors that I've visited in the past who apply a one-size-fits-all treatment that never resolved my pain. I instantly felt better, thanks to Dr. Simian! I love this practice and would recommend Dr. Simian to everyone!"

"Aside from his deep understanding of how the body functions and his skill in Chiropractic, Dr Simian truly cares for his patients and is passionate about helping others. Unlike other chiropractors, who just give everyone the same treatment, he gave me a unique treatment plan, and really took the time to help me understand what happened to my back and what he was going to do to fix it. Other chiropractors charged outrageous costs, but Dr Simian truly provides the value for every penny invested into my health. He is unlike any other chiropractor. Thanks Doc!"

"What a great experience I've had with Dr. Simian. Too many times I've gone to a chiropractor, and they've given the exact same treatment regardless of my issue. I'm happy to say that Dr. Simian took his time assessing my body, listening to my issues, and actually tailored the appointment to what my body needed. Not only did he help with my elbow injury, he put my entire body back into alignment, and fixed a rib that was a bit out of joint. Last but not least, he gave me some stretches to loosen up my pec muscles and fix my posture. I would highly recommend!"

"Such a great experience at Allied Pain and Wellness! Dr. Shahen Simian was very thorough and took his time to explain everything to me in detail. He really knows his stuff and fixed me right up. I felt so much better after my visit and would highly recommend if you're looking for a chiropractor in Burbank!"

"Highly recommend Allied Pain and Wellness! Dr. Simian takes an integrated approach to his care and has created a custom treatment plan for my injuries. He takes the time to explain everything and has helped me get back to the gym in no time"

"Dr. Simian is amazing! He’s so committed to treating me with such care and attention. Great, friendly practice. I’d highly recommend to everyone!"

"I've gone to a few chiropractors hoping that someone could help me relieve my back and neck issues due to having a stressful job and recent car accident which added on to the back and neck pain. I was referred to Dr. Shahen Simian who worked wonders on me. Dr. Simian is thorough with answering any questions, makes you feel comfortable, and really cares about his patients. Highly recommend! I'll be coming back very soon!"