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Here at Allied Pain & Wellness in Burbank, our chiropractors are specifically trained to treat acute and chronic shoulder pain caused by a range of conditions and injuries. Whether you’ve experienced an injury recently, or a painful condition like a rotator cuff injury, we can help.

If you need shoulder pain treatment in the Burbank and surrounding area, our chiropractor is here to put you on the road to recovery. Under the care of Dr. Shahen Simian, you can live pain-free without the use of surgery or painkillers.

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Shoulder Pain Doctor Burbank

Looking at Shoulder Pain

Causes: The most common shoulder injuries occur from throwing, lifting, and carrying objects. It doesn’t take much to injure the rotator cuff so it is important to use proper biomechanics when weightlifting and have good form.

Symptoms: Instability, muscle spasm, tightness, weakness, numbness, tingling, and an achy type of feeling can all be experienced with shoulder injuries depending on the mechanism of injury. It is very common amongst athletes and weightlifters.

Treatment: Myofascial release, therapeutic ultrasoundchiropractic adjustments, and muscle stimulation, can help loosen up the region allowing for better circulation and mobility. Shoulder mobilization will get the joint moving and familiarize itself with its once, normal movement.

Rehab: Strengthening the pecs, middle and upper traps, and deltoids can all help stabilize the shoulder and help prevent injury. It is important to strengthen the rotator cuff muscle to help support the region and allow each individual muscle to perform as it should. Wall Angel exercise and shoulder retraction exercises using a resistance band can help with this.

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Burbank

If you live in Burbank and have pain in your shoulder, call us to see if treatment by our chiropractor is the right fit. All of our consultations are free. Call us today at (818) 514-7294

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