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Rock Tape

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What is Rock Tape?

The basic concept of Rock Tape, in the simplest form, is that once the tape is applied, it slightly lifts the skin creating more space between the superficial (top) and deep (bottom) fascial layers allowing better blood flow, lymph drainage, and pain relief by stimulating large nerve fibers. This puts less compressive forces on the blood vessels, nerves, lymph, and delays the build up of lactic acid which allows you to push yourself further through your workouts. One of the experts on the topic and Medical Director of Rock Tape, Dr.Steve Capobianco, explains it best:

“It is well understood that pain interferes with motor control (performance), thus it only makes sense to find a way that is safe and effective to mitigate, not mask, the symptoms in order to allow for optimal movement integrity. Secondly, Rock Tape has the ability to improve fluid dynamics to positively affect performance both during and after activity. Last but definitely not least, the benefit of taping to improve postural awareness is paramount in CrossFit (see here. By stimulating the vast network of mechano-receoptors in the skin we can enhance the communication of body position, from a set up position before a dead lift to a finish position of a power snatch, to the brain in order to efficiently coordinate the appropriate movement patterns necessary to accomplish the task effectively and safely.”

Burbank Athletes’ Top Choice For Rock Tape There is a continuous rise for athletes right here in Burbank, of all body types, to find that one thing that gives them an edge in the gym. Athlete are looking for that one thing that can carry them through their workouts and support them while they push their limits. This is why many top Athletes use Rock Tape. Rock Tape is a popular resource used to help enhance performance during their workouts and competitions amongst:

  • Crossfit
  • Powerlifters
  • Runners
  • Athletes

With all of the positive attributes listed above, it is hard to ignore why this is gaining such popularity amongst athletes in Burbank’s CrossFit Gyms, Powerlifters, and Competitive Athletes.

** Burbank’s Sports Therapy and Injury Chiropractor Doctor Simian of Allied Pain and Wellness has practiced many sports like Soccer, Basketball, Crossfit, and more. Our Chiropractor came across Rocktape and immediately saw the benefits it provided athletes in training and competition. After this Revelation, Doctor Simian brought this into his practice for his patients. Many of his patients have experience Sports Injuries and seek Sports Therapy in our Burbank office. If you find yourself searching for a Chiropractor or Sports Therapy, call us today at (818) 514-7294 and discuss how Chiropractic care can help athletes achieve their highest potential on and off the field.

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