Scoliosis Treatment in Burbank

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There are a number of reasons why our patients come to see us at Allied Pain and Wellness; however, one of the most common involves back pain. While there are plenty of causes of back pain, one potential cause is scoliosis. Those who have been diagnosed with scoliosis might be suffering from a variety of issues. it is important to learn more about scoliosis and how this condition can be treated with the information below.

What is Scoliosis

If someone has been diagnosed with scoliosis, then they have an abnormal degree of lateral curvature that is present in the spine. While some degree of spinal curvature from front to back or back to front is normal, lateral curvature is not. If the spine curves from side to side, then this is called scoliosis.

The symptoms of scoliosis can vary widely depending on the severity of the condition. Most people with scoliosis are going to experience some degree of back pain. Often, the pelvis shifts to compensate for the changes in the spine, so hip pain is common as well. In some cases, scoliosis might be particularly severe, compressing internal organs. This can lead to additional symptoms. There are multiple treatment options available for scoliosis.

An Overview of the Types of Scoliosis

Scoliosis types

Similar to other medical conditions, there are multiple types of scoliosis. Some of the most common types of scoliosis include:

  • Thoracic Scoliosis: This is scoliosis that is present mostly in the chest region. This could contribute to respiratory symptoms if the curvature is severe.
  • Thoracolumbar Scoliosis: This type of scoliosis impacts both the chest and the abdominal regions, so the symptoms can vary widely.
  • Lumbar Scoliosis: This is scoliosis that is present mostly in the abdominal region. This could contribute to GI symptoms if the curvature is severe.
  • Double Curve Scoliosis: As the name suggests, patients with this type of scoliosis usually have two curves, both to the left and right. This type of scoliosis has the potential to be particularly severe.

No matter what type of scoliosis someone might have, there are treatment options available.

Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment Options in Burbank

If you are looking for scoliosis treatment in Burbank, CA, then you might think that you have to have surgery; however, this is not always the case. There are other treatment options as well. Some of the additional treatment options include:

  • Chiropractic Care: A trained chiropractor is able to treat scoliosis without surgery. A chiropractor can take a look at the alignment of the spine, measure the degree of curvature, and use a variety of adjustments and manipulations to gradually move the spinal column back into place.
  • Back Braces: Often, a back brace plays a critical role in the treatment of scoliosis. A back brace can apply continual pressure to the spinal column and shift the vertebrae back into the appropriate locations
  • Weight Loss: Finally, excess weight can place pressure on the spinal column, contributing to scoliosis. We can help you come up with a thorough treatment plan that will address all facets of weight loss, helping with the treatment of scoliosis.

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