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Foot Pain Treatment Burbank

Foot Pain Treatment Burbank Over the years, our chiropractor has seen foot pain and is experienced in treatment. Burbank is not alone in its cases of foot pain. Below, you will find a quick overview of Foot Pain, Treatment and, some of the symptoms commonly associated with Foot Pain. Here at Allied Pain & Wellness in Burbank, our chiropractors are specifically trained to treat acute and chronic ankle and foot pain caused by a range of conditions and injuries. Whether you've experienced an injury recently, or a pain condition like plantar fasciitis, we can help.

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Causes: There are a few different causes of plantar fasciitis. Improper footwear, flat feet, sprints, and long runs can all be the culprit of foot pain.

Symptoms: This can elicit a sharp and uncomfortable pain underneath the foot which takes time to heal. Generally, this pain is worse in the mornings.

Treatment: Myofascial release to patient tolerance, chiropractic adjustments, and rest can all help facilitate the healing process.

Rehab: Proper footwear and changing your shoes every few months can help prevent this injury from occurring. Rolling a frozen water bottle underneath your foot for about 3 minutes can also help along with stretching out the calf muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions about Foot Pain and Ankle Pain

There are multiple areas of the foot and ankle that can be more prone to pain and discomfort. Since there is less tissue and support in this area, as compared to the low back, it can be more prone to injury and sometimes requires more attention.

What causes foot and/or ankle pain?

There are multiple causes of foot and/or ankle pain. Improper footwear, for one, can lead to pain and discomfort underneath the foot which can be related to plantar fasciitis. This pain is generally worse in the mornings and can feel like a sharp pain underneath the foot near the heel with each step you take. Fallen arches in the feet can place more pressure on the inside of the foot affecting the way you walk, run, and jump. Since everything starts from the ground up, if there is an issue with the feet, it can potentially cause knee issues, hip problems, and continue to translate upwards to the low back and neck. Biomechanics can also be affected with fallen arches and footwear as your feet will try to adapt to some of these faults and may lead to pain.

Treatment options for Foot Pain and Ankle Pain?

Chiropractic care can help with the reduction of painful symptoms and help realign misplaced joints the might have been affected during an injury. Mobilization of the foot and ankle can help restore fallen arches in the foot, along with specific exercise recommendations, to help restore the natural arch of the foot. Manual muscle work around the foot and ankle can also help alleviate tightness within the area, including the plantar fascia which is the muscle underneath the foot.

How long does it take to heal Foot injuries and Ankle Injuries?

The length of healing time depends on the type of injury. Muscular strains can sometimes take a few days to a few weeks to heal, whereas ligament sprains can take a few weeks to a few months to heal depending on the severity and grade of the injury. Early treatment and rehab is pivotal in reducing the rehabilitation time.

What kind of preventative measures can I take?

Strengthening the muscles around the foot and ankle can help a person be less prone to injury. The more stable an area is, the less likely an injury is to occur. Of course, accidents happen. If a person can exercise the foot and ankle, just like other areas of the body, the more support there will be. Single leg stance, ski jumpers exercise, and heel raises are just a few exercises a person can do to help train the joints and muscles in the ankle and foot.

Chiropractors and Foot Pain

Chiropractors are experienced in treating many different types of foot pain. Our chiropractor, doctor Simian has years of experience treating foot pain from athletes to children and beyond. Call our office in Burbank today if you are experiencing foot pain and we can help determine if Chiropractic is right for you (818) 688-2275