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Neck Pain Treatment in Burbank

At our Burbank chiropractic clinic, neck pain is one of the most common complaints we hear. Whether it is from prolonged computer work, constantly looking down at your phone (now called “text neck”), sleeping position, or even some type of trauma, it does affect your quality of life and is extremely annoying to deal with in day to day activities. It can be debilitating at times and lead to headaches and migraines along with many other symptoms depending on the cause.

Below, you can find a list of all the neck pain causes we commonly see here at Allied Pain & Wellness.

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Common Causes of Neck Pain

How Your Burbank Chiropractor Assesses Neck Pain

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The neck, or cervical spine, is made up of a series of joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons all of which, when irritated, can contribute to neck pain. Our Burbank Chiropractor must assess all these aspects of your cervical portion of the spine. Your chiropractor will take a thorough history and perform a proper physical exam which will help diagnose what is causing the pain whether it is muscular, ligament, disc, nerve, or joint-related.

If your Chiropractor believes there is a reason to suspect a condition present, there are a few different options as far as imaging. X-ray: to help visualize any type of trauma to bone, misalignment placing stress on surrounding structures, or check for arthritis. MRI- to visualize the soft tissue, tendons, muscles, nerves, ligaments, blood vessels, and discs. EMG/ NCV – Testing the electrical impulses of the spinal nerve roots (EMG) or peripheral nerves (NCV) and the response of the muscles (reference 1)

Burbank’s Treatment for Neck Pain

Chiropractic care can be sought out to help with the pain and help aid in the treatment and recovery process right here in Burbank. Physiotherapy such as electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, and soft tissue work can also help. Muscle work, massage, stretching, and prescribed exercises can be given to help rehab and strengthen and surrounding musculature for more stability and support. Neck pain treatment is based on the individual and not everyone’s treatment is the same. It is up to the chiropractor to determine what is the best course of action to take when dealing with an individual’s specific injury. Neck pain can present as a general dull, sore, sharp, or achy localized pain. There might also be nerve involvement which can lead to numbness and tingling into the arms along with weakness. A decrease in range of motion and flexibility can also be experienced with neck pain. A doctor should be seen immediately when presenting with numbness, tingling, nausea, vomiting, migraine headaches, ringing in the ears, visual disturbances, or trouble sleeping at nights to rule out any serious injuries.

Advice From Your Burbank Chiropractor: Preventing Neck Pain

woman holding her neck due too bad posture on her laptop

As your Burbank chiropractor, I highly advise maintaining proper biomechanics (aka posture and movement)since it can help immensely in helping you avoid neck pain. Correct posture while sitting by keeping your back straight, shoulders retracted, and neck in a nice, neutral position can also help prevent neck pain. Proper ergonomics with keeping your computer propped up and not looking down either at your computer or phone for a prolonged period of time will help prevent extra strain or stress on the surrounding structures. Maintaining healthy body weight, and daily exercise to help strengthen your upper back and surrounding musculature can all help in preventing neck pain from occurring as well. Having chiropractic adjustments at least once per month can help maintain normal alignment in the neck and cervical spine allowing the nervous system to perform optimally and decrease the chance of irritation to the muscles, discs, and other surrounding structures.

If you’ve never seen a Chiropractor or heard of Chiropractic, feel free to call Burbank’s Dr. Shahen Simian to discuss it. We always welcome new patients even if they are unfamiliar with chiropractic care or have never seen a chiropractor before. We are conveniently located in Burbank and offer a wide arrangement of services and different chiropractic techniques. Call us today at (818) 514-7294

Frequently Asked Questions About Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain is one of those alarming problems that can deprive you of sleep, keep you away from your favorite sports, and limit your ability to do your job. If you’re currently struggling with neck pain, you probably have lots of questions about why this happening to you and what you can do about it. Check out these answers to frequently asked questions about neck pain treatment here at Allied Pain and Wellness in Burbank.

How Does Acute Neck Pain Occur?

Man holding his neck due too an accident

Acute neck pain is typically the result of a collision or other sudden transfer of forces to the body. The most well-known example is whiplash from an auto collision, with the head flying upward and downward sharply while the body remains restrained. This hyperextension and hyperflexion of the neck can damage the soft tissues, allow cervical discs to put up pressure against nerve tissue, and even alter the curve of your neck.

How Do Degenerative Conditions Cause Chronic Neck Pain?

As components of the cervical spine degenerate, either with age or due to some underlying ailment, the discs and bones can shift position. These changes not only pinch cervical nerve roots, but they also irritate the joints that mobilize the cervical spine, causing inflammation and eventual osteoarthritis.

How Do Repetitive Motion Injuries Lead to Neck Pain?

Anyone who constantly makes the same neck motions over and over again is vulnerable to overuse or repetitive motion injuries. Athletes and workers who must crane or twists their neck all the time can develop chronic muscle strain and tendinitis.

What Is “Text Neck?”

Text neck” is a common problem in today’s digital world. It’s a kind of postural strain in people who constantly droop their heads to stare down at their smartphone screens. The same kind of strain may occur if your computer monitor is positioned too low for comfortable viewing.

How Do Alignment Problems Lead to Neck Pain?

doctor and patient looking at an x-ray of his head and neck

If your head is not aligned correctly with the topmost vertebrae of your neck, the imbalance can place your neck muscles under constant strain. Eventually, hard muscle knots known as trigger points may develop, causing both neck pain and referred pain to the head, in the form of tension headaches, in the shoulder, and the upper back.

How Does Your Neck Pain Doctor Diagnose My Condition?

Our neck pain doctor at Allied Pain and Wellness starts by evaluating your medical history, symptoms, work habits, sports activities, recent accidents, and any other factors that might contribute to neck pain. X-rays of your neck can reveal the presence of alignment problems, pinched nerves or degenerative cervical spinal conditions. The doctor will also examine your neck posture for signs of text neck or similar issues.

How Does Chiropractic Care Relieve Neck Pain?

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Chiropractic care can correct alignment problems caused by acute injuries, postural problems or chronic conditions. By normalizing your head-neck symmetry and vertebral joint positions, we can ease muscle strain, joint stiffness, and disc-related pain. Periodic chiropractic checkups can then verify your alignment and allow us to make incremental adjustments.

What Are My Other Non-Surgical Neck Treatment Options?

In addition to chiropractic treatment, your neck pain may respond to stretching/ strengthening exercises that help you establish and maintain proper neck posture. These exercises can also help to rehabilitate an acute neck injury. We’ll even provide you with ergonomic suggestions for more neck-friendly working conditions.

Our Neck Pain Doctor Has Your Answers

Neck pain can cause a lot of uncertainty as well as discomfort — but our neck pain doctor has your answers. Call our Burbank clinic at (818) 514-7294!