Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash in Burbank

Woman experienced whiplash in burbank car accident Whiplash is the rapid movement of the neck forwards and backwards caused by some sort of trauma. Believe it or not, Burbank has many auto accidents each day resulting in Whiplash and other issues associated with car crashes. More often than not Whiplash is caused by a car accident, but that does not mean a slip and fall injury can’t cause one as well. The sooner you can have an evaluation and begin treatment, the less time it will take to help reduce symptoms and decrease recovery time.

A few symptoms patients with whiplash might experience include:

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

Chiropractic care can help with whiplash by helping to reduce inflammation with spinal manipulation, along with other various techniques and modalities, to help restore spinal motion within the joints in the neck. This is to help re-induce motion within your joints and take the pressure off of the surrounding structures, including the muscles and nerves, to allow better communication within the body. Proper Chiropractic Care will help to prevent muscle spasms, soreness, numbness/tingling, and headaches that is commonly associated with Whiplash whether or not is caused by an auto accident or a ‘slip and fall’ type injury.

Auto Accident Recovery From Your Burbank Chiropractor

During your visit to our Burbank office, the chiropractor will take a thorough history and perform an examination to determine the serious injuries that may have resulted from your auto accident. Your Chiropractor will then identify any injuries that might have taken place and possibly order any diagnostic tests, such as an x-ray or MRI, before beginning treatment. It is recommended that those who experience whiplash symptoms be evaluated by a medical professional immediately after an auto accident or any instance where the injury occurred. These steps are taken to ensure that you receive the best safe and appropriate care for your condition.

If you feel like you have suffered from a whiplash injury, contact Allied Pain and Wellness for an evaluation and to learn more about treatment options we have available to help treat your pain. Call us today at (818) 514-7294

What is whiplash?

Man holding his neck due too an accident

Whiplash is a neck injury caused by a back and forth motion to the neck. Symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, of course, but it also causes stiffness, headaches and possibly pain in the back and other areas. While whiplash is painful, recovery is possible with a detailed whiplash treatment plan from an experienced doctor.

What causes whiplash?

Many things can cause whiplash. A car accident where a vehicle is hit from behind is the most common cause. However, this injury could be caused by physical assault, sports injury, certain slips or falls and other issues as well. Any forceful motion that causes the neck to move back and forth rapidly and without support could cause whiplash. A whiplash doctor can give more information about the causes as well as how to proceed with treatment.

Who can treat whiplash?

chiropractor examining a male patients neck

There are many different types of doctors who have the ability to treat whiplash. However, a chiropractor is one of the best. This is because a chiropractor focuses on caring for the spine, neck and related areas. He or she can not only help with pain, but will work with the patient to fix the root of the problem.

Is chiropractic effective in treating whiplash?

Chiropractic care has been proven effective as a whiplash treatment. A chiropractor can help reduce inflammation using spinal manipulation and other techniques to restore motion in and around the neck. Chiropractic treatment not only helps with the pain, but it can make healing faster and easier.

What should I do after a car crash in Burbank?

If you are involved in a car crash in Burbank, it is important to seek medical attention with a whiplash doctor as soon as possible. Even if you don’t feel any immediate pain or only minor pain, you may have underlying injuries that haven’t yet shown themselves. One of these conditions that don’t always show up immediately is whiplash. By identifying this issue early, treatment can begin quickly and there will be less chance of long-term problems.

Is it safe to have a chiropractor treat whiplash?

elderly man getting examined by chiropractor

Chiropractic care is not only safe for whiplash, but it is an excellent way to recover from this painful condition and get to feeling your best again. A chiropractor can help restore motion to the neck and back and will give special attention to the muscles, nerves, and bones surrounding the injury to make sure everything is working together perfectly, just as it should. Visiting a qualified chiropractor, such as Allied Pain and Wellness can be an excellent first step in recovering from whiplash.

What should I do if I suspect whiplash?

If you think that there is a chance you may have whiplash, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Choose one who specializes in diagnosing and treating this injury. If you would like more information, call now to book an appointment at Allied Pain & Wellness. Our team of Burbank chiropractic experts is here to help you recover from whiplash or any other related issues. Make your appointment today by calling Allied Pain & Wellness at (818) 740-6045

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