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Whiplash and Car Crashes

Whiplash Doctor Shahen Simian is a chiropractor in burbank who treats neck pain
Have you recently been in a car accident and sustained neck injury? Chances are that you may have experienced whiplash. This generally requires immediate medical attention and evaluation to rule out any type of serious injury. Symptoms can include numbness, tingling, headaches, muscle soreness, muscle tightness, and dizziness. Although there may be no loss of consciousness, a concussion may even be experienced which is why it is important to catch it early. Even if symptoms are not present immediately after the injury, it still may be a good idea to have an evaluation by your chiropractor.

Visiting a Chiropractor after a car crash

Your initial visit to the chiropractor after an auto accident or sports injury will consist of a thorough physical exam to find out exactly what happened with the accident and what may be the next steps moving forwards. Neck injuries are one of the most common injuries a person can experience when involved in an auto accident. Some will wait to seek medical evaluation by simply thinking “the pain will go away,” when in fact it eventually becomes a chronic issue and part of their everyday life. The sooner an ailment can be evaluated and treated, the shorter the recovery time generally becomes and can be treated more effectively. Chiropractic care can help manage some of these symptoms and hopefully prevent any future surgeries or long-term medication use.

Whiplash occurs when a rear impact collision takes place rocking the neck back and forth. This can disrupt the natural curvature of the neck and cause excess pressure placed on the nerves resulting in neck painThis can potentially result in dizziness, headaches, numbness, tingling, muscle soreness, and potentially radiating pain into the arms and legs. Sports injuries and collisions can also cause whiplash symptoms similar to auto accidents. If there is concern of serious injury, your chiropractor may order diagnostic imaging to help evaluate the structures of the head and neck.

Assessing the damage from car crashes and Sports Injuries

X-Rays, MRIs, and CT Scans are commonly used to help rule out any type of serious injuries or complications. These tests can help evaluate bone and other soft tissue structures. If there is reduced mobility in the neck, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, vomiting, numbness or tingling, immediate medical evaluation is recommended. As mentioned before, immediate symptoms may not be present for a few days after the accident, but that does not mean symptoms won’t arise later.

You may have visited your medical doctor or gone to the emergency room after a motor vehicle accident. This visit is important and used to help evaluate and treat immediate injuries, like a broken arm, but sometimes does not completely address musculoskeletal injuries like whiplash. Your chiropractor can help treat these symptoms rather than just masking the pain with medication use. Chiropractic care can help offer long term relief and care when experiencing a whiplash injury.

Initial treatment with your chiropractor after a car crash

Chiropractor in burbank treats neck pain associated with whiplash and car crashes
Initial treatment with your chiropractor after a car accident may include passive therapies to help decrease any type of inflammation or swelling in the area. Once the tenderness and soreness have reduced, chiropractic adjustments and more active therapies, like stretching and exercise, can slowly be implemented to help with the mobility of the joints and help take pressure off the nerves and soft tissue structures. At home stretches and exercises may also be recommended to help decrease both the rehabilitation and recovery time. It is important to keep up with your chiropractic visits as it sometimes may take some time to help rehabilitate the injured area. Seeking chiropractic care are experiencing a whiplash injury can help with both short term and long term care.

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