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Motor vehicle accidents (MVA) are a major cause of both spinal and extremity injuries treated by chiropractors. Many people who are involved in motor vehicle accidents not only have to deal with the physical pain but the emotional pain, as well as this, can be a very traumatic incident. Chiropractic Care from a professional Chiropractor is considered one of the safest treatments for victims of car crashes. Sometimes aches and pains don’t set in until a few days after the trauma, so it is important to have an evaluation by your chiropractor as soon as possible to rule out any type of serious injury. Injuries may not always be obvious which is another reason to seek medical attention soon after an MVA. A car accident injury can lead to long term pain to your body if not treated immediately, even if there are no visible signs of injury.

Common car accident injuries and Symptoms

x-ray image of patients spine A motor vehicle can happen at almost any time. Even though an accident might only seem like a fender bender, it can still lead to serious injuries. Anyone who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident deserves to have the help of a car accident doctor. There are a number of major injuries that someone might suffer in a motor vehicle collision. Some of the most common injuries that might lead to pain and suffering after a car accident include:

Head Injuries: In a motor vehicle accident, it is possible for someone to strike their head on the steering wheel or dashboard. This might lead to something called a traumatic brain injury. This injury can range in severity from minor concussions to severe skull fractures.

Back Pain: It is not unusual for someone to suffer from back pain following a car accident. Upper back pain and lower back pain can indicate different injuries, which is why it is critical to work with a car accident doctor to ensure the right diagnosis is made.

Herniated Disc: This is one of the most common causes of back pain in a car accident. This leads to shooting pains that often travel down the legs. This can make it hard to stand or walk after a car accident.

Whiplash: Whiplash is the colloquial medical term that is used to describe an upper cervical ligament strain. This can lead to a stiff neck, making it hard to move the head from side to side.

Knee Pain: One of the most common causes of knee pain following a motor vehicle accident is called a posterior cruciate ligament strain (PCL strain). This is also called a dashboard knee.

Shoulder Pain: Shoulder pain after a car accident can indicate bursitis, a torn labrum, or a damaged rotator cuff. These injuries are going to present with different symptoms, which is why it is important to see a doctor for help.

Car Crash Injury Treatment Options

Chiropractor adjusting patients back If someone has suffered car accident soft tissue injuries, there are several treatment options available. Some of the most effective car accident injury treatment options include:

 Chiropractic Care: Chiropractic care can be an effective treatment option for someone who has suffered car accident injuries. Using adjustments and manipulations, a chiropractor can help someone align the muscles, joints, and bones of the body, avoiding prescription medication side effects and surgical complications.

Electric Muscle Stimulation: This can be an effective treatment option for those who have suffered muscle strains and nerve damage. This stimulation can be used to correct misfiring nerves while also helping muscles relax.

Physical Therapy: It is important to prevent injuries from coming back in the future. Physical therapy can target vulnerable areas of the body, strengthening muscles and tendons. This will provide added support, preventing injuries from occurring down the road.

Passive modalities such as electrical muscle stimulation, moist heat, and ultrasound may initially be used to help decrease any type of muscle spasms and swelling. As the treatment plan and visit progress, a person might be slowly led to more active therapies which can include stretching and exercise.

Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor After A Car Accident

Staying on course with the treatment plan set forth by your chiropractor will help facilitate the healing process. Inconsistent visits and not performing your at-home stretches and exercises recommended by your chiropractor can slow down the recovery time and be a frustrating process for the patient. It is important to keep consistent and stay on track to help continue that road to recovery. It is always recommended to seek medical attention immediately after experiencing a motor vehicle accident. Additionally, delaying your treatment after an accident can lessen your ability to recover from long term complications.

Your First Visit After Your Auto Accident

When visiting your chiropractor after a motor vehicle accident, your initial visit may include a history and detailed description of the accident, a physical exam, and a report of findings. This can help you better understand what conditions you might be dealing with and gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have. This initial examination by your chiropractor can also consist of an explanation of the treatment plan moving forwards.

Diagnostic imaging may sometimes be warranted and ordered based on the history and detailed explanation of the auto accident, along with symptoms a person is presenting with. These tests are generally ordered to evaluate the spine and extremities to rule out any type of serious injury. This can also help provide further information to your chiropractor so that an appropriate treatment plan can be set forth. X-rays and MRIs are common diagnostic studies ordered to help evaluate both the bone and soft tissue areas of injury.

Trust the Chiropractic Team at Allied Pain and Wellness at Burbank

If someone has been hurt in a car accident in Burbank, Allied Pain and Wellness is the place to go for assistance. Dr. Simian has placed a tremendous focus on the needs of his patients. All treatment plans are tailored to meet the needs of the individual patient. Trust Allied Pain and Wellness to get to the root cause of the problem, providing effective pain relief, allowing patients to live their best life. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, contact us today at (818)-514-7294 to make an appointment.

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