Sports Injury

Sports Injuries

Sports Injury Chiropractor Burbank
At Allied Pain and Wellness of Burbank, our chiropractors pride themselves in being able to treat and correctly rehab sports injuries throughout the Burbank and surrounding areas. Dr. Shahen Simian will evaluate each individual specific to the injury, or area of concern, and customize a treatment plan that will best suit their needs.

Our chiropractor has helped powerlifters, crossfit athletes, and weightlifters compete at the highest level through functional and movement training. The last thing an athlete wants is to suffer an injury that could have been prevented. Chiropractic care can help increase the longevity of an athlete and help prevent serious injury.

We treat a wide variety of sports injuries including, but not limited to:

If you are an athlete and concerned about any of the above conditions that we've mentioned, call our sports doctor, Dr. Shahen Simian to develop a plan that's right for you.